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Welcome to Exchange Theatre, where we create a stage to start meaningful conversations in organisations, teams, institutions, and individuals


Cultural Impact has joined forces with KL Shakespeare Players to introduce Exchange Theatre, a dynamic catalyst for driving positive change in organizations, teams, institutions, and individuals. Our innovative Exchange Theatre platform serves as a powerful tool to facilitate essential conversations on a wide range of topics, including workplace cultural and ethnic dynamics, gender dynamics, performance appraisal, growth mindset, and HSE culture, among others. Through engaging and transformative performances, we aim to foster greater understanding, promote inclusivity, and inspire growth and change across diverse settings.

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Women & Men @ Work

Exposes challenges that women encounter when accessing key leadership positions in companies and institutions as well as gender dynamics in the Malaysian workplace.


Give Equity a chance

Tackle how to achieve objectivity within diverse organizations. It addresses issues such as fair treatment, opportunities for advancement, and mitigating biases.

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Between The Lines

Highlight the impact of diversity in any cross-cultural collaboration. It aims to help teams to address cultural challenges they face, and make the most of diversity.

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Short Cuts

Approach unconscious bias in the workplace and how to intervene when we notice unconscious bias at play during a meeting to achieve inclusive leadership.


You've got my back?

Explore workplace DEI and the impact of diverse dynamics on teams. Uncover effective communication strategies within varying team dynamics and expectations.

All this while we always have the ideas and it is hardly played but today when the ideas are translated into a theatre, we finally see that sometimes it is easier to comment than to actually implement. Today we have developed more understanding and empathy on the issues presented. This program is really interactive and having the scenarios being played by amazing actors, I think it is a different approach. Finally something different than just a classroom training so I think this is very effective and I like it very much.”

Shafinaz Zamree 


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